Me in 2050

In 2050 I will be 60 years old. I hope I will have directed several films then.

Actually I would like to work in the cinema industry later, as a director or as a director of photography (the person who’s in charge of creating the pictures of a movie : framing, light, colors, shooting-camera motions, and so on). But I’m very interested in editing as well. In any case, I realized that what I like the most in cinema is making films, more than watching them.

I’ve already directed several short films. Currently I have several projects : I shot a short movie as director of photography 2 weeks ago. I’m also going to edit this movie. Besides, at the moment, I’m working as film director on an advertisement for luxury products – it’s an advert ordered by a young owner-manager.

So let’s imagine that, one day, I will direct a first full-length film – before 2050 I hope !

And, because we’re talking about the 2050’s, here is a very brilliant and beautiful movie I recommend you : 2046 by Wong Kar Waï.

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What will be the future of the Internet use ?

The Internet has considerably evolved in 20 years. Ten years ago, we had to wait 1 minute to connect to the Internet (remember that). Nowadays, if the page you’ve clicked on doesn’t appear immediately, you can think there is a problem or that your connection is broken ; so we can imagine that in 2050, we’ll have a definitely faster connection to the Internet. There won’t be time to wait to download contents or to refresh a page anymore.

I think that the next huge innovation concerning the Internet will be a new object that enables to have the Internet wherever and whenever. An object that will have a size between the smartphones (handy and practical but too small for watching videos for instance) and the digital tablets like Ipad (very complete but quite fragile). It will be an object which will be handy but complete, refine but practical, thin but solid.

But this future use of the Internet will definitely imply some more-or-less dangerous consequences : for example, the gap between personal time and work time (and between physical and virtual reality) will probably be shrunk for everyone who is connected. To have the opinion of experts on this issue, go and read an article about how the experts see the future of the Internet.

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Which design for the Earth in 2050 ?

What will Earth look like in 2050 ?

It’s obviously very hard to imagine how life on earth will be concerning climate change or geopolitics. But there is a field that we can easily imagine : it’s the aesthetics and the design of our future homes, objects, cars, and so on. Many films feed a whole imaginary of the future as an ultra-designed world. This imaginary conveys the supremacy of light colors, and of simple, refine and uncluttered shapes. Let’s have a look at some common representations of the world in the future (3D patterns, graphic works of art) :

We can also notice that the “close to nature” aspect of those buildings usually are underlined : let’s hope that ecological aspects will back the future towns of the world.

To learn more about the design of future, I recommend you a very interesting documentary about architect, inventor, social engineer and industrial designer Jacques Fresco. The film explains how Leonard de Vinci already proposed great and very modern architectural ideas but why he couldn’t apply them to his society. Nowadays, the issue is quite the same : to develop a design pattern for a whole society, you have to get considerable means, and that’s very difficult. You can see wonderful 3D architectural patterns in this documentary that confirm the imaginary I’ve evoked previously !

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Films about the End of the World

A lot of movies – especially American blockbusters – want to show a very monumental event to represent the End of the World, like 2012 by Roland Emerich for instance : big climate catastrophes, huge panicked crowd, and so on. But what can the spectator think concerning this show ? What does it convey about his feelings, his sensations about such an event ?

Amongst all the blockbuster that deal with the End of the world, usually from a very spectacular point of view (with lots of after effects, and so on), I would like to evoke a recent film that appear different in his way to express and to depict the End of the World : Melancholia by Lars von Trier.

Melancholia explores the human feelings from a very close and intimate point of view : film director Lars von Trier tries to go deeper into mankind’s feelings during such an event. And that’s why the film is brilliant to me : it precisely proves how a minimalist mise-en-scène (without thousands of after effects) of the End of the world representation can be impressive, and actually much more than 2012.

Many films have been telling the end of the world. But the brilliant idea of this film director is to depict the event from a very intimate point of view. I recommend you this very fine and complex but magnificent movie !

Here is a trailer of the film (released in august 2011) !

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Drawbacks of e-commerce

E-commerce obviously has several advantages : get an object very easily, you become it at home directly, you just have to do some clicks on the website and that’s done.

But has this easiness drawbacks ? Even if many people use e-commerce, our main buying remain being with “real” commerce means. Why don’t we use e-commerce for everything we want to have ? Why hasn’t it become the main process of buying ?

To my mind, there are some obvious explanations : with e-commerce, the pleasure of buying seems to be shrunk, that-is-to-say you’re note under the same impression if you buy something in a shop or if you just click on your Internet page. Moreover, there are risks for the object you’ve ordered to be less beautiful or less useless than you had expected. The ability to see and touch the object you want to buy is absolutely significant, especially for food for instance.

If you want to discover more about this issue, go and see all the advantages and disadvantages of e-commerce !

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A sample of an e-communications’ class

Here is a sample of our’s english class of e-communications !

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10 Rules for Surviving and Thriving on the Internet


give your personal point of view on things you’re talking about. Don’t hesitate to say you own thoughts, even if nobody will share it.


think by yourself, it’s the only way to be relevant.


this is hype and often quite adorable.


no grammatical or spelling mistakes = to appear serious


for instance Alicia’s song.


a whole serious website can become very boring. You’ll have to remain as funny as a fish.


remain aware.


you have to achieve your goal and to do that, you’ll have to go forth.


amongst all criticism you’ll receive, just keep swimming in your website’s contents !


it’s the only way to succeed and to dream in blue.

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